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TimeClock Connect : Time Tracking and Invoicing
Last Updated 3 years ago

Here is a simple Invoicing package that allow you to generate invoices and track payments. Without all the complications and distractions of QuickBooks and other software. Plus it allows for simple job timing and expense tracking. It is a great way to get your billing done so you can get do more task that lead to billable hours. Work for your customers not your accounting system!!

"✓ A simple and easy way to track your billable hours, expenses and mileage
✓ Automatic cloud sync: your data is always safe even if your phone is lost or broken
✓ Generate invoices directly from your TimeClock Connect data - or export as spreadsheet or html
✓ Sync across all your devices - including iPhone and iPad
✓ Safe & dependable - we've been here since 2009
✓ No ads, no tracking, no analytics - just a great product at a fair price"

Available on iPhone and Android phones.

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