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Windows Server 2003 PowerShell compatibility error on 2003 to 2008 Server upgrade.
Last Updated 4 years ago

If you are getting an error when trying to upgrade sever 2003 to 2008 asking you to remove PowerShell 1.0 the answer is you can't if you have installed server 2003 spk 2. However the fix is simple. Just rename the directories. The upgrade will reinstall with the current version.

The thought of the idea and passed on it as i figured it would lead to other upgrade issue down the road so i went digging for another solution. When i cam across 's solution. he confirmed in his article it does work.

Here is a link to his page. Thank you Will! you saved me hours.

Rename the existing PowerShell folder located at:

Server 2003 32 bit: %windir%\System32\WindowsPowerShell
Server 2003 64 bit: %windir%\Syswow64\WindowsPowerShell

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