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How to check the SHA256 hash of a file in Windows.
Last Updated 4 months ago

When downloading files many companies also publish a SHA256 number string with the file. This number is derived from the original file the author posted and should be unique to that file. So, if the file you download was altered in anyway when you read it's SHA256 hash it will not be the same or even close. Verifying this is important when downloading anything from the web. It is very easy for some to change the file or redirect you to another copy of that file with malware added. 

The simple way to check the SHA256 has of any file in windows is to use the get-filehash command in PowerShell.

Open PowerShell. Then navigate to the directory of the file and type the following. 

get-filehash [filename.exe]

you can also of course do something like this: get-filehash c:\directory\directory2\filename.txt

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