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How to Delete OEM Partition using Windows DiskPart
Last Updated 2 years ago

Microsoft disk management will not allow you to delete OEM partition created by the pc manufacturer. Deleting a partition in Disk Manager is usually done by right clicking the partition then selecting delete. However delete does not show as an option for an OEM partition or it is greyed out and not selectable. These partitions can be deleted but it must be done thru DiskPart. ad dos application that is included with windows. 

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator 
  2. type diskpart and hit enter
  3. type list disk
  4. type select disk # (number of the disk you want to delete the partition from)
  5. type list partition which displays the partitions on the selected drive.
  6. type select partition # (the number of the partition you want to delete.)
  7. type delete partition override to finally delete the OEM partition or any selected partition.
  8. type exit hit enter. to exit back to the command prompt. 

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