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Check Status of BitLocker Drive Encryption
Last Updated 2 years ago

Once you have enabled bit locker on a Windows PC you will want to verify it is active.

This is don't via an command prompt.

Open the dos command prompt with admin rights

then enter: 

manage-bde -status

Alternatively you can check a specific drive by typing

manage-bde -status [drive letter]:

the output should look like the following

BitLocker Drive Encryption: Configuration Tool version 10.0.19041
Copyright (C) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Disk volumes that can be protected with
BitLocker Drive Encryption:
Volume C: []
[OS Volume]

Size: 465.15 GB
BitLocker Version: 2.0
Conversion Status: Used Space Only Encrypted
Percentage Encrypted: 100.0%
Encryption Method: XTS-AES 128
Protection Status: Protection On
Lock Status: Unlocked
Identification Field: Unknown
Key Protectors:
Numerical Password

You can also do the same via an elevated PowerShell session by typing:


Get-BitLockerVolume -MountPoint [drive letter>]:

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