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How to handle the caller that asks for e-mail addresses
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you receive a call from someone asking for another employees e-mail address you should NOT give it to them.

Often times they will call and pretend they were just doing business with the person. They will act like they know them personally. They often will throw out names of other co workers. This is all an act as that info is readily available via the internet.

Use the following procedure when receiving one of these calls.
  1. Explain it is not our procedure to give e-mail out over the phone but that you can take their info and forward it.
  2. Ask the caller for their name
  3. ask for their company name
  4. get their e-mail address.
  5. get their phone number.
  6. get their web address.
  7. Tell them you will forward their info to the person they are trying to reach.
  8. Say good bye.
  9. Log the number they were calling from.
  10. Forward their info to the person. Letting them know that the call might not be legit.
  11. Be polite to them they may actually be a new prospect or a customer.


  1. give them a list of employees
  2. give them any e-mail addresses

Even if they make you feel like they really know the person. If they did know the person they would have their info already.

Many of these callers are just marketers who are paid to collect e-mail addresses or are sales people them selves.

Others have malicious intent and are trying to collect info to launch a fishing attack or something else. Don't help them.

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